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“Life isn’t all about the money; it’s about building a legacy your family can depend upon, changing their financial future for the better..

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About Us, founded in the 90s.
There are three (3) methods of investing (Banks, Stock Markets, and Real Estate) during the past 100 years have all made profits, but at what cost? What is the “Opportunity Cost” of one investment vehicle over another? Furthermore, it was relatively easy to make gains in any one area, but all this has changed. And as we experience all these changes, it is not just with “what” investment vehicle to place your money, but “where” to place your money?

Let’s explore the past. The past will help us chart the future..

However, there are always the majority who are waiting for just the “right time” but never do anything. Time passes them by, and so does there financial security. There has never been a better time to take advantage of these unbelievable market conditions. Whether they are in the traditional western markets, or the new, exciting, eastern markets, now is the time to act..

Property locations

27 Propertys 19 Countries

Property Worth
$1.4 B

We have invested $1.4 billion in 27 Property's
across 19 countries”

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Icon Solutions is one of the largest and most experienced company's in our field

We seek to invest in well-positioned propertys with operational and strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.


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