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These three (3) methods of investing (Banks, Stock Markets, and Real Estate) during the past 100 years have all made profits, but at what cost? What is the “Opportunity Cost” of one investment vehicle over another? Furthermore, it was relatively easy to make gains in any one area, but all this has changed. And as we experience all these changes, it is not just with “what” investment vehicle to place your money, but “where” to place your money?

Let’s explore the past. The past will help us chart the future. And, if we know what the future will bring us, this will help us to act, NOW!

However, there are always the majority who are waiting for just the “right time” but never do anything. Time passes them by, and so does there financial security. There has never been a better time to take advantage of these unbelievable market conditions. Whether they are in the traditional western markets, or the new, exciting, eastern markets, now is the time to act.

Let's explore...




Simple Contracts

There is nothing worse then going through page after page of small print. So our moto is keep it simple and have easy to read contracts.



People’s Champion

Our caring and knowledgeable staff will help you from start to finish. Our customer service is second to none at Icon Solutions


Electrify People

We have a motivated team of staff around the world checking the markets for our users, to obtain the best results for them.


Get a Feedback

In this day and age we work in a world where feedback is more inportant then anything else. So please check our Facebook and Twitter sites out..

Open Door Policy

We offer our clients at Icon Solutions a open door policy, which means if you need to chat our doors are open for you to come along and have a chat.

Earn Your Share

We introduce our clients to ROI of upto 8% on there investments. Some of the company's we work for show huge returns in as little as 7 years


Keep It Simple

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Spread The Word

Please feel free to spread the word about the many services Icon Solutions do. WE all know that good word of mouth travels slowly so any referrals you can send our way. Thank You.

Our Projects


  • Prodigy Network and Icon Solutions

    Breaking News Realty Access is proud to announce their involvement in the offical arrival in Singapore of the most successful…

  • Real Estate in Asia

    Yet another first for Icon Solutions. Teaming up with Realty International Co. Ltd. to offer a large portfolio of properties…

  • Strategic Partner

    Icon Solutions always looking for NEW concepts and ideas, have teamed up with the No.1 Auction house in Hong Kong. MACEY…

  • USA Property Investment

    Icon Solutions has been watching the money markets since 2007. The worlds money markets are slowly coming back to where…

  • Financial Alliance

    Wealth Management Singapore Financial Alliance is Singapore's leading and award-winning Independent Financial Advisory Firm. We offer our individual and corporate…

  • Park First UK

    Park First has purchased car parks in close proximity to London Gatwick Airport. To facilitate the successful ongoing day-to-day management…

Hear ye! Hear ye!

  • Even more important,

    We have a well-rounded team of associates based around the world, with many years of experience and an excellent track record in property development and real estate investing. In addition to the drive and expertise to ensure each project generates maximum returns. By becoming…

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  • Managed Rentals

    Rentals are fully managed for you and paid to you via bank cheque of bankers draft.

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  • End of Term

    All properties and real estate assets will be sold off in such a way as to achieve the highest returns. Realty Access will then repay any possible cost of disposal, followed by the repayment of the investors’ initial capital investment…

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one more thing

  • Testimonial #3

    Icon Solutions has been nothing but a breeze to work with. They have a wide variety of options for investors to choose from. Icon Solutions understands the problems we were going through with our initially investment. The turnaround time is amazing and they do their absolute best to accommodate your needs and help in a very proffessional manner.…

    Steve Rogers, CEO of Financial Bureau Inc.
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  • Testimonial #2

    Icon Solutions staff are very knowledgeable. I love the approach they bring to problems we had with our bad investment, we made several years ago. The service we get when we call is second ti none. The personal relationships I developed with the team is amazing and this is a great plus to mu wife.

    Lisa Whistler, Consultant
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  • Testimonial #1

    I have been extremely impressed by the team at Icon Solutions Singapore. Their team has been exceptional – not something I can say of many service providers in my 20+ years of business. We thoroughly researched there company and the knew alot about our problem, including thorough research of our competitors, our industry vertical, and our complex…

    Mr. John Anderson, Designer
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