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imageFinancial Alliance is Singapore's leading and award-winning Independent Financial Advisory Firm. We offer our individual and corporate clients a unique, unbiased and meaningful one-stop experience in financial advisory services. Our wide range of wealth management and financial planning solutions is second to none.
Our entire team shares a pro-client outlook, and our corporate infrastructure is designed to reflect this. We are proud of our uncompromising stand on competence and professionalism.
Over 50,000 clients reap tremendous value and achieve peace of mind from of our financial advice that is specifically aligned to their needs and goals.
Financial Alliance Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1993 and secured the Investment Advisory license in 1999. We obtained a new financial advisory license with the introduction of the Financial Advisers Act (FAA) in October 2002.

Financial Planning Singapore
One-stop centre for complete wealth management solutions
Unbiased advice and recommendations
Real choices, real value
Hassle-free implementation
At Financial Alliance, our clients no longer have to build their financial plans piecemeal – although that too is possible if they so wish. That is how flexible we are.
We are proud to offer full-fledged wealth management and financial planning services that add real value to support our clients' overall financial intentions.
Our wide-ranging suite of solutions allows our clients to benefit from unbiased advice in these areas:

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Comprehensive financial planning & implementation
Investment planning & implementation
Personal life insurance planning & implementation
Retirement planning & implementation
Children education funding & implementation
Estate planning & implementation
Business succession planning & implementation
Islamic wealth management solutions
Employee benefit schemes
Mortgage & liability planning
General insurance services

Working with a network comprising key strategic business partners who are globally renowned in their own right, our Consultants are not only able to advise their clients based on real choices, but are also able to help them turn their financial plans into reality.

The entire process makes full use of our unique web of business operation system and client advisory management systems. It is designed to offer our clients a hassle-free and time-saving experience, all with the aim of creating as coherent a wealth management plan as possible for their overall benefit.

Icon Solutions proposes a strategic alliance with Financial Alliance Pte Ltd. Should you be interested in further information in financial planning Icon Solutions would introduce you to MAS regulated experts qualified within the field of Financial Alliance products. Icon Solutions may be able to propose special offers that in some circumstances make the cost of such less and the returns more. But Icon Solutions will in no way handle enquiries or make proposals regarding MAS regulation financial plans. Experts that are MAS licensed personnel only will be appointed to handle any enquiries that you may have regarding financial planning. Should you decide to take up services with this renowned organization within the Republic of Singapore your business with these organization will be held strictly confidential between you and the experts that advise you.


  • Analyze the property market around the world.
  • Confirm with target market for these property's.
  • Run a  a complete feasibility study. to justify clients investment.
  • Confirmation of local laws research the property market in that sector.

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