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imageReal Estate in Thailand: Yet another first for Icon Solutions. Teaming up with Realty
International Co. Ltd. whom can offer to Icon clients directly a large Portfolio of Properties
and rental services. They offer to those unfamiliar with real estate in Phuket a wide choice
of Properties, from Villas and house to condominiums and even commercial properties and
this is supported by excellent services for maintenance, management, leasing, building and
Even more important, they have a well-rounded team of associates based in Phuket with
many years of experience in property developing. In addition, their management team has
the drive and expertise to ensure each project is successful. With Realty International Co.
Ltd., you will be able to access a diversified portfolio of properties and development
opportunities in Phuket.
Therefore, without doubt, Phuket is one of Asia’s hottest real estate markets and most
desirable places for retirement, second home or outright investment. In fact, demand on
property on the island is high. More and more visitors and residents are choosing to the
island every year. While Icon Solutions has the knowledge to choose reliable companies to recommend and
trust, in some of our operating regions we do not possess the licensing in this differing field to advise you
directly. Therefore, please do contact Realty International Co. Ltd. directly to purchase in Phuket.

Address :     60/145 Rat-U-Thid

                    200 Pee Rd Patong,

                    Khatu Phuket



Phone : +66 (0)76 390 202

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  • Analyze the property market around the world.
  • Confirm with target market for these property's.
  • Run a  a complete feasibility study. to justify clients investment.
  • Confirmation of local laws research the property market in that sector.

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