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imageExperts that we listen to have been watching markets since 2007. The worlds money markets are slowly coming back to where they were before the recession. A few surprises have come about in key locations in the property markets in the USA. Here’s the view of Broadway Realty in New York. New York: A poll by Broadway Realty of New York said that over 37% of all enquiries are from Singaporeans, 15% from the Chinese and only 12% from the whole of Europe. The rest from within the United States. California sees a growth of buyers in Commercial Real Estate. Florida is in decline with an average property price reduction of 10%. Central USA slowly see their rental market returning to normal. Icon Solutions have been in talks with Broadway Realty and may agree and introducer agreement with them. While Icon Solutions has the knowledge to choose reliable companies to take advice from, in some of our operating regions we do not possess the licensing in this differing field to advise you directly. Therefore, please do contact Broadway realty directly to purchase in Phuket.

150 Broadway, 8TH FL
New York, NY 10038
Tel. 212.577.2270
Fax. 212.577.2274

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  • Analyze the property market around the world.
  • Confirm with target market for these property's.
  • Run a  a complete feasibility study. to justify clients investment.
  • Confirmation of local laws research the property market in that sector.

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