Our History

Our History

About Icon Solutions:

Realty Access has established itself as an independently confirmed leader in the fin-tech leisure property sector. In its seventh year of incorporation and sixth year of trading has been applauded for its expansion of the Asian Headquarters with the incorporation of Icon Solutions Private Limited. Brining talents such as property guru, Mr. Marc Reven.

Realty Access soft launches on the 2nd of January 2011. Its association with sister companies such as Nest Developer Services registered collectively a massive asset base. By the end of 2011, taking advantage of, “soft launch pricing” led to such an interest within the Republic of Singapore and outside led to a 200% increase in Subscribers in five years.

After a generation of failed, ‘alternative investments’. 2016 saw an uncertain public return to more tried and tested methods of long term security that real estate linked purchases award. Icon Solutions listened to its clients and read the market exactly right, to provide the perfect storm for ultimate success. That being, security. The most important feature of our platforms. Icon provides solutions more suited to the steady and secure purchaser rather than the boom or bust risk taker. We specialize in being able to sleep safe at night and be sure of purchase price returns. Independent financial organizations secure the platform and keep the cash flow and assets out of the hands of the owners and marketers of the platform.

Hands off – Fully managed.

Our leisure vacation property platform Realty Access, being the product available to Singaporeans (as well as other purchase opportunities for a global audience) introduce a full Deed of Trust (D.o.T.) take the hard work out of redirecting vacation rental expenditure away from the dead loss of usual budgets in the leisure and or vacation industry and replace that fear with the highest level of experience with Fair Oak Trustees. A power house of finance and holiday property expertise. Their service comes at a fixed rate for the term of Subscription ownership. It’s been often said that you can’t buy experience. Well now you can with Fair Oak making it as comfortable as possible to fit into our client’s budget.

Location, Location, Location.

Our vacation membership property choices are dripping with the best locations for growth. Meaning our clients can have a return of their initial outlay. Our acquisition experts constantly calculate and weight up the information collated from statistics from valued, ‘think-tanks’. We apply a long standing successful formula and discipline with the whole organization following suit.

Lowest prices giving you more in return for your membership fee.

With its association to Realty Access we enjoy a human resource that has insight to the distressed market enables us to buy more land and property based choices to our client with the aim of expanding into other regions of Asia. Watch this space for periodical press releases though out the coming year.

Yours sincerely,

Icon Solutions Private Limited.



 Icon Solutions team up with Realty Access to establish a purchase platform for vacation property usage Subscribers that the regulators, Companies House would agree under the Companies Act (2006) to certify the platform membership with a limited loss guarantee. Realty Access could now proudly stand head and shoulders over its competition and give total confidence in a more risk-free purchase than other memberships’ or purely renting from agents your vacation property.

Expansion into Singapore

Singapore division opens and immediately becomes the industry jewel in the crown of the Asia Pacific region.

Breaking Records

After two record breaking years of sales of Realty Access we invite clients from Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia. “R.A.” becomes truly pan-Asian.

Joint venture agreement signed

Icon Solutions signs joint venture agreement with one of Hong Kong’s most respected art dealer, Macey and Sons. Allowing clients across the region to diversify their portfolios and enjoy rentals returns at art exhibitions.

UK S.I.P. approved (pension) purchases:

One of Europe’s leading commercial property company Group First brings Park First to our clients. This is a UK Government approved pension (like CPF) scheme which is fully bonded in the UK.

Please note, Icon Solutions is not licensed to bring this opportunity to Singaporeans at this time. However, if you live within the Republic of Singapore and you are interested to find out more, Icon is p to recommend you to fellow marketers that are licensed in your area to introduce you to this fantastic opportunity. Please do bear in mind that not all of our services are available to all potential clients in all regions.

VIP services department

Expansion demands new office spaces and a new VIP services department giving faster service and exclusive rights for our customers to enjoy a rental service through Realty International Company Limited in Phuket. One of China’s most established vacation rental agents, 'Now Vacation' agrees a joint venture agreement allowing Realty Access entry into the vastly profitable Chinese region.

Today in 2017

Feasibility studies are underway for offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and the ever more prominent Vietnam with a mind to increasing the global reach of realty Access.

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