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Icon Solution Private Limited was formed to independently assist with the building and management of wealth. Building successful paths of security for you and your family. Traditionally, there have been three methods of investing (Banks, Stock Markets, and Real Estate) during the past 100 years have all made profits, but at what cost? Furthermore, before the Global Financial Crisis it was relatively easy to make gains in any one area, but all this has changed. And as we experience all these changes, it is not just with “what” investment vehicle to place your money, but “where” to place your money?

Exploring the past will help us chart the future. And, if we know what the future will bring us, this will help us to act now. What we now know… globally, property on average has tripled in valued in the last twenty five years. The strongest commodity known to man, Gold hasn’t even doubled in value in the same timeline. Icon seized the opportunity to work with Realty Access Dividend Club. Now, for the first time in Asia, you can now scale the buy to let property ladder for less than the cost of a second hand car. However, there are always the majority who are waiting for just the “right time” but never do anything.

Time passes them by, and so does their financial security. There has never been a better time to take advantage of these unbelievable market conditions in the distressed property sector. Whether they are in the traditional western markets, or the new, exciting, eastern markets, now is the time to act.

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